Student Award

Rice students participating in VIP at Rice projects may apply for the ECE Department’s Distinction in Research and Creative Works Honors. The award is a university honor granted annually at commencement and will appear on the recipient’s transcript and diploma.

University guidelines:
To be eligible for the award, students must be in good academic standing, have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.30 in courses completed at Rice and a letter of support from a faculty member or center director. The award will be granted to graduating seniors whose projects produce something and demonstrate commitment and/or achievement above and beyond the norm. A variety of research, design and other creative projects will be considered for the award. A persistent dedication to research also contributes to a student’s eligibility.

ECE Guidelines:
In ECE, this would typically involve independent research projects under faculty supervision that may lead to a publication in a conference proceedings or journal. Although ECE does not currently have an undergraduate thesis option, this is under discussion within the faculty and may be offered in the future. For example, many current projects taken through ELEC 490 Independent Research could be considered for Distinction.

In addition, all ECE students complete a Senior Capstone Design project through the ELEC 494 sequence. While completion of an ELEC 494 project by itself will not automatically qualify for Distinction, many capstone projects go above and beyond the norm in creativity. For example, many students conduct innovative research with a faculty advisor in new algorithms or devices to improve and differentiate their Senior Capstone Design project. As “Distinction” is intended to be an individual rather than a group recognition, an additional individual report detailing the research or creative work performed would be expected. The report should also lead to a publication in a conference proceedings or journal.

Application Information
Students interested in applying for this honor can do so up until the 10th week of the spring semester. Full ECE guidelines and application can be found here.