Steps to apply:

1. Students interested in VIP projects should meet and consult with the faculty lead of that project.
2. Once they have contacted the faculty project leaders and are ready to apply, undergraduate students must enroll in VIP Electrical Engineering Research & Design Projects (undergraduates: ELEC 491; graduates: ELEC 591).
3. Additionally, each student must fill out the PDF form here (Adobe Pro is best to use), save, and send it to Norma Santamaria.

The course is comprised of theoretical and experimental investigations under staff direction. A research project plan should be prepared and approved by the faculty member advising the project. Information about VIP project plans is available on the ECE Web site on the Academics section under ECE forms, and can also be found here. May be repeated for a total of 6 credit hours for undergraduates.

Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) at Rice teams include students from multiple years working on one larger, multi-year project defined by the instructor. Students participating in VIP projects for 3 or more semesters may be eligible for the Distinction in Research and Creative Work graduation award. There are currently four Rice VIP teams ready for students:


The VIP at Rice program is a multi-year experience that focuses on engineering design and teamwork. At Rice, we envision that freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students will work together on these teams. Students interested in VIP projects should meet and consult with the faculty sponsors to discuss project goals and expectations. Typically the freshmen, sophomore and junior members of the VIP teams will be enrolled in the VIP ELEC 491 project course. Seniors may continue their VIP experience as part of their required ELEC 494 Senior Design project. Graduate students may join in via a project based course, such as ELEC 591.